Nice weather is coming, we are drawn into nature, into the countryside and into the open spaces … If you feel the same way.

Maybe you could just try spending this spring on a bike.

Try it out on an unforgettable two-wheeled ride through Zagorje, which is best explored by bike.

Everything is there, everything that every true fairy tale must have – forests, castles, museums, thermal baths, churches, hiking trails, vineyards and wine routes, delicious food…


Step into the fairy tale, enjoy the wind playing with the butterflies and gently caressing the hills.

If you want to rent a bike to ride the beautiful hills, you can contact Biser Zagorje Tourist Board for all information and they will be happy to help you.

Biser Zagorja (The Pearl of Zagorje) is a paradise for adventure seekers, especially those whose love is turning the pedals. It doesn’t matter whether you take your bike with you or rent one on site, we promise you’ll have a lot of fun!

Bike, explore, fall in love with the green hills.

Besides beautiful natural beauties that can be explored by bike, Biser Zagorja hides many gastronomic and cultural attractions. Many delicious homemade dishes will delight your taste buds and beautiful buildings with centuries-old traditions will enchant you.


Did you know that there is a talking bank in Veliko Trgovišće? In case you didn’t know, near the birthplace of Dr. Franjo Tuđman is an interactive bench set up as part of the “Streets of Famous People of Hrvatsko Zagorje” project.


The road to Klanjec and the Sutla valley is rich in hills and castles and together with “Terme Tuhelj” attracts more and more tourists, especially those on two wheels.

Klanjec is a romantic cultural-historical center of the western part of Hrvatsko Zagorje and is situated on a hill at the foot of the 511 m high Cesarska gora, below the ruins of the medieval castle Cesar Grad, on the Croatian-Slovenian border Sutla river.

The Antun Augustinčić Gallery and Antun Augustinčić Studio in Klanjec hide lesser-known information about the famous sculptor whose works adorn the squares of New York and Geneva and many places around the world.

Don’t miss to see the restored sarcophagi of the Erdődy noble family, which greatly influenced the appearance of today’s town of Klanjec and the wider area.

Be sure to leave room for tasting Zagorje wines, which have won gold medals in world-renowned competitions for their quality and great taste.


If you are tired from all the activities, look for rest and refreshment in Tuhelj Spa, the center of modern wellness tourism, located at the source of thermal water and healing mud. Visit the magical water town and the largest beach in Croatia.

Treat yourself to an active holiday full of fun… come to the Pearl of Zagorje (Biser Zagorja)…