Sisak-Moslavina County

Sisak-Moslavina county is situated in an area of 4468 km2, and it is the biggest county in Croatia. It takes around 7,9% of the continental part of Croatia. Where is it?It is situated in the south part of central Croatia, in an area where Pannonian and Mountainous Croatia meet. Sisak-Moslavina county represents a good traffic […]

Sisak-Moslavina County

Sisak-Moslavina County, bordered by forests and hills, is located in central Croatia south of Zagreb. The central city of this county is one of the oldest Croatian cities, the city of Sisak. On the outskirts of this city rests a dense emerald forest and in the center of the city flows the river Kupa. An […]

West Slavonia

If you wish to enjoy pristine natural beauty then this is the perfect destination. Here you will find Papuk, the most beautiful mountain of Slavonia. Papuk is covered with forests of Pannonian beech and fir. Numerous hiking trails will certainly delight you. Do you enjoy hiking?You have the option of taking a tour of the […]


In the embrace of Drava and BilogoraWe are on our way to Zagreb, driving on the Podravska road and here we are in the embrace of Drava and Bilogora where Pitomača is located. In the heart of this place there is a beautiful ethno-house which will make you smile. Inside there is the tourist-information center […]

Meridiana Slavonica

The first real spring day has dawned, the morning promises a beautiful day. We are headed to the destination called Meridian Slavonica in the southern part of the Slavonian lowlands. Meridian Slavonica is made up of three municipalities: Brodski Stupnik, Oriovac and Nova Kapela. Brodski Stupnik is located on the slopes of Dilj mountain, which […]

Vukovar – The hero town

Vukovar is situated in the north-eastern part of Croatia and is the center of the Vukovar-Syrmia county. Did you know?In the year of 1867, a printing office was founded here and it published the first Vukovar newspaper in German called “Der Syrmier Bote”. Later on, even more, printing offices were active and among the numerous […]

Get to know the easternmost part of Croatia – Syrmia

Continental Croatia, discover this region, filled with breathtaking fields and deciduous forests. The gold of wheat fields is interspersed with the red of poppies, a sight that will surely stay with you. Not far from the fields you can find Vukovar, Ilok, and Nijemci.Continental Croatia… Hmm, let us start with Vukovar, the largest Croatian river […]

Town Otok – Otočki virovi

Spačva basinIt’s morning as the sun shines through the clouds and promises a beautiful day. We are on our way to west Syrmia, to the youngest town in Croatia called Otok, positioned along the edge of the Spačva basin, known as the Virovi (a natural phenomenon, since it is not known where they spring or […]