The first real spring day has dawned, the morning promises a beautiful day. We are headed to the destination called Meridian Slavonica in the southern part of the Slavonian lowlands.

Meridian Slavonica is made up of three municipalities: Brodski Stupnik, Oriovac and Nova Kapela.

Brodski Stupnik is located on the slopes of Dilj mountain, which offers an unforgettable view of the ponds, the lower part of the municipality, Posavina and even some parts of neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. Preserved nature, endless vineyards, orchards and forests that stretch through this part of the municipality will knock you off your feet.

Meridiana Slavonica

Oriovac – Jelas Ponds are a special ornithological reserve where many species of birds nest, such as spoonbills, gray geese, hooks, yellow and white herons and many other species. The fields around the pond are feeding grounds for cranes, and black storks nest in the surrounding forests. Here migratory birds can find shelter, rest and food for their long journey. If you love birdwatching, this is a hidden paradise near the town of Oriovac.

In the municipality of Nova Kapela, a real surprise awaits you between the tamed hills. The Eco-ethno village Stara Kapela is located in a preserved environment where people live in harmony with nature, where there is no phone signal. In the village there are several tourist households where you can enjoy the traditional Slavonian hospitality.

Meridiana Slavonica

This whole area is full of unreal beauties that you can enjoy and is ideal for cycling.

Whether you are a professional cyclist, mountain biker or recreational rider, riding through green meadows, vineyards, hills will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

For everything you need to know about bike routes, contact the Tourist Board and they will be happy to help you.

If you prefer to walk some of the beautiful hiking trails and promenades they will take you to some hidden and magical places, beautiful lookouts.

While walking or cycling among the vineyards, you will come across beautifully decorated homes of fruit growers and winegrowers. There you will find small wine cellars where the kind hosts will proudly present their wines. Treat yourself and refresh yourself with a precious drop and if you like something, you will be able to buy it and take home a beautiful memory of this vineyard.

This beautiful destination has a lot to offer, we have revealed only a small part for you.

Spend a weekend in nature! All you need is good will and a sunny day.

Blogerica Zvončica