Mountainous continental Croatia is located between the Adriatic coast and central Croatia. Because of its position that connects the Adriatic with other parts of Croatia, it is called the Croatian Gates. There are numerous nature reserves, national parks, protected landscapes, caves, lakes, and mountains. The regions of mountainous Croatia are Gorski Kotar and Lika. The largest cities are Ogulin and Gospić.

A beautiful area that combines green and blue Croatia and hides so much beauty that it is sometimes impossible to describe, it simply must be experienced.

Gorski Kotar is a fairytale destination that reveals to us what it’s like to live for and with nature. Here you can see people gathering hay with pitchforks, meet a miller who grinds, a blacksmith who forges an axe, and see an old sawmill and woodworking as it was done in the past.

Gorski Kotar hides unreal places and the most important thing – the nature of Gorski Kotar captures views and sighs in every season.

In the spacious meadows, horses roam and graze freely, just like in cowboy movies. If you want to feel a touch of the Wild West, visit the small town of Roswell, which was created a few years ago to film a movie about Winnetou. Surrounded by forest and mountain peaks, this small town looks like a real cowboy settlement.

Here you can do everything, descend from the mountain tops into the underground magical realm of caves older than 3 million years. Enjoy the gorgeous, untouched beauty of the underground, and get to know the secret play of nature that has been created for millennia, far from daylight and the human eye.

There is no end to the beauties, here is a real historical gem, the castle of Stara Sušica, in front of which you will feel as if you have stepped into a fairy tale. This is a real fairy tale because the castle hosts a school of magic inspired by the world of Harry Potter.

In the wonderful and exceptional beauty of nature, which has been declared a geomorphological reserve, there is the excursion site Zeleni Vir and Vražji Prolaz, one of the most beautiful canyons in Gorski Kotar. Zeleni Vir is a source at the bottom of a shallow, spacious cave, a beautiful idyllic place ideal for lovers of walks. Another beautiful canyon of unreal beauty is the Kamačnik Canyon, which hides the deepest spring in Croatia. The unusual combination of plant life and rocks is reminiscent of the set from the filming of The Lord of the Rings and creates the feeling of being in a fairy tale.

Many things will delight you at this destination, and something unique is the fairy-tale houses in the treetops that bring you back to your childhood.

There is also Milan’s Peak, a reserve where indigenous forest animals live. This is a unique opportunity to see a deer or doe in its natural habitat.

If you want an even bigger adventure accompanied by a guide in untouched forest expanses, you can observe and photograph the biggest ruler of the forest, the beautiful bear in its natural habitat, from the observation deck. A unique experience to remember.

If you are looking for an active vacation, Gorski Kotar is an ideal place for hiking or nature walks.

Don’t miss to visit Risnjak National Park and climb to the top of Risnjak, one of the most beautiful viewpoints not only in Gorski Kotar but also in Croatia. With every moment and with all your senses you will enjoy the magnificent vistas. If you prefer a walk, visit the magnificent source of the mountain beauty of the Kupa River with the magical valley of butterflies.

Unique Lika

A destination that offers a unique combination of land and sea, full of surprises and wonderful corners that are worth discovering is the unique Lika. Halfway between Zagreb and Split, in the very heart of Lika, a region of unsurpassed and unique natural beauty, is the town of Gospić. Thanks to the beautiful surroundings, untouched nature, and the proximity of Velebit, the town of Gospić offers various opportunities for an active holiday.

Not far from Gospić is the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center. The great inventor, physicist, and inventor was born here in the village of Smiljan. Do not miss visiting the museum of this genius inventor.

Visit one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe – Plitvice Lakes, whose waterfalls are listed among the 10 most beautiful on the planet. The Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and largest national park in Croatia, where there are 16 lakes of different sizes, filled with crystal blue-green water, a real miracle of nature.

Their beauty is not far behind the beautiful river Una, also known as the “queen of rivers”, which is a border crossing and flows through Croatia for a short time. Una is full of beautiful waterfalls and a real paradise for rafting. The emerald rapids of this beauty will leave you breathless.

The centuries-old peace of the old mills that resist time, stand proudly at the source of Gacka and keep memories of the old craft of grinding grain using the power of the spring will take you back in time.

If you want to get to know the underground world, stop by Grabovača Cave Park, which has nine speleological facilities. Visit the Samograd cave, a true work of art of nature of exceptional beauty and rich cave jewelry. Magnificent arches, bridges, and balconies will take you to another world. Enjoy the magical moments of this extraordinary beauty. Miracles and magic never end, because when you see the hobbit house in this green paradise, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a fairy tale for a moment.

Between the Adriatic Sea and the slopes of Kapela and Velebit lies one of the oldest cities in Croatia, and the rich tourist offer makes it one of the most desirable vacation destinations. When you see the sunlit fortress on the hill, and in the distance the endless blue of the sea, you have arrived in Senj. The recognizable symbol of Senj is the Nehaj fortress, also known as the Nehaj Tower, built way back in 1558. It is positioned so that each of its four corners points to the four sides of the world.

At the foot of Velebit, nature has created many coves, and each of them is special, so all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and spend the day here enjoying the smell of Mediterranean herbs.

Our country is rich in numerous natural and cultural beauties that are known all over the world, from national parks and nature parks to cultural heritage and unique architectural achievements. Croatia is adorned with about 1,185 islands, which makes it one of the most diverse countries in the Mediterranean and the world. It is impossible to present all these beauties, cities, and places at once.

If you have not heard of Croatia until now, we hope that we have brought you at least a little closer to the beauty, value, and success of a small European country.

Discover the hidden natural beauties and tourist attractions of Croatia!