Where today there are green plains, golden grain fields, mountains and mountains, dense forests, native vineyards, and fertile orchards, 24 million years ago the Pannonian Sea roared.
When the sea dried up, the islands of the Slavonian archipelago became the Slavonian mountains, and the seabed became a fertile terrestrial habitat, the plain and the mountains preserved numerous traces of this sea.
Let’s embark on an adventure from the largest city in eastern Croatia, which sleeps on the banks of the Drava River in the heart of Slavonia.
Its beauty is reflected at every step. When you come to Osijek, be sure to walk through the Fortress, the fortified old town.
The construction of the famous Fortress began in the 18th century, and when it was completed in 1722, it was one of the most modern military fortifications in Central Europe.
Osijek, a beautiful city that has merged with the skyline, is adorned with the most beautiful European promenade along the river called Promenada. The popular city promenade is a frequent inspiration for photographers, and sometimes the scene of interesting outdoor events.
Take a walk, look around, relax – you are always welcome!
Are you ready for more beauty?
Not far from Osijek, surrounded by endless fields, centuries-old forests, and beautiful lakes, lives the charming town of Đakovo.
On its main square, the cathedral of St. Petra stands proudly and kisses the clouds with its towers.
Pope John XXIII called it the most beautiful cathedral from Venice to Istanbul. When you step into its interior, you will find out why.
The pride of this city is also the Đakovo Lipizzaner Stud, one of the oldest studs in Europe with a horse breeding tradition of more than 500 years, which was visited by the British royal family. Get to know these beautiful and noble animals.
Not far from Osijek, surrounded by the blue Danube and the Drava in the Pannonian Plain, lies the magical Baranja.
European Amazon
Kopački Rit – a phenomenon of nature, one of the largest ornithological reserves in the world is located in Baranja in the inner delta of the Danube and Drava rivers, which is a unique phenomenon in Europe. It abounds with more than 297 species of birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.
Baranja offers you countless activities from photo safaris, off-road driving, horseback riding, paintball activities, hunting, and fishing, all the way to adrenaline activities.
Untouched nature rich in forests and waters will certainly not leave you indifferent.
This is an area known for the cultivation of top-quality wines, there are vineyards bathed in the sun from the slopes of which golden drops of the highest quality wines pour down. The secret of Baranja’s quality is guarded by Gatori, wine cellars of unique architecture, dug into the ground and often walled with brick, where the temperature is ideal for wine.
Rural tourism is especially pronounced in Baranja, which is particularly popular in the ethnic village of Karanac.
We take you to Vukovar – an old baroque city on two rivers. A hero city, a city that occupies a special place in people’s hearts. Visit the magnificent Eltz castle located on the very bank of the Danube, which houses the city museum.
Don’t miss sailing on the Danube in the afternoon or evening and enjoy the beautiful scenery. A priceless experience with a glass of wine and the sunset.
Get to know the city of Ilok
On the slopes of Fruška Gora, where the Danube kisses the sky, in the far east of Croatia, there is a city surrounded by walls and a sea of vineyards, a city that has the privilege of being among the first to be illuminated by the sun every morning. City of Ilok.
Dawn on the Danube in the royal city with the magic and waltz of the first rays of the sun is amazing…
Visit the best-preserved fortress complex on the mainland, walk along its green lawn where the family coat of arms is preserved, and you will see why the nobles chose it as their summer residence. The town is known for its Ilok cellars, where some of the best drops of continental Croatia mature. It is especially famous for Traminac, which is served in the Royal Palace in London.
Try it too…
From the golden plain that was once the bottom of the Pannonian Sea, mountains rise almost a thousand meters above sea level. One of those mountains is Papuk.
Let’s start the journey to Papuk – an unavoidable destination for mountaineers and nature lovers.
In the very heart of Papuk, at 475 m above sea level, lies the pearl of the Slavonian highlands – Jankovac, near which is the unique Skakavac waterfall. If you want to enjoy natural beauty, this part of Slavonia is made for it, the clean natural environment and numerous hiking trails will delight you.
If you want to learn more about the vanished Pannonian Sea, visit the House of the Pannonian Sea, a visitor-educational center in Velika. With state-of-the-art technology, you can find out what life used to be like in those areas and what remains of it today.
When you get tired of the activities, get to know the destination through the tastes of food and wine from local producers. The offer of original gastronomy and domestic products is a great treasure of this area.
Get to know the mixture of culture, history, excellent wines, fine local delicacies, and beautiful untouched nature.
If you want to spend several days in this magical beauty, we offer you the comfort of superbly equipped villas. Holiday villas are equipped with a wellness center with a jacuzzi and sauna, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, children’s playgrounds, bicycles, and many other amenities that will complete any group or family vacation. Holiday houses decorated in the traditional rustic Slavonian style, with large gardens and a real Slavonian atmosphere, provide the same comfort as modern villas.
Get to know the southern part of the Slavonian Plain, where the golden plain meets gentle hills and forests, and where the Meridiana Slavonika destination is located to offer you a unique experience. Eco-ethnic village of Stara Kapela is in a preserved environment where people live in harmony with nature, where mobile phones have no signal. Beautifully decorated walkways with old barns as viewpoints, the unreal beauty of nature, the chirping of birds, and the sound of the wind in the treetops will delight you. In this green oasis of peace, there are several tourist homes where you can enjoy traditional Slavonian hospitality. Step into the past, experience the idyll of an old Slavonian village, and feel the taste of cookies and the smell of white coffee.
The diversity of cultures and nations, and the traditions of the people who live in this area is only part of what we can describe this region.
You can experience it only by arriving and feeling the kindness of the host.
Come and discover the hidden natural beauties and tourist attractions of Croatia!