Central continental Croatia

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The county of Sisak-Moslavina, surrounded by forests and hills, is located in central Croatia, only an hour from Zagreb. The city of Sisak, the central city of the county, is one of the oldest and most beautiful Croatian cities, it is a city with a thousand-year history.

The unmissable symbol of Sisak – the Old Town Fortress, a category zero monument is located at the confluence of the Kupa River and the Sava River. The place where the fort is located is surrounded by beautiful rows of trees, spacious green areas, and the rivers Kupa and Sava… and so forms an idyllic picture.

Downstream from Sisak along the left bank lies the Lonjsko polje, one of the largest and most preserved natural floodplains in Europe.

The new magical viewpoints are excellent for observing animals in their natural habitat and an ideal photo corner for bird lovers in the wetlands of Lonjsko polje.

Made of metal, wicker, and wood, they fit perfectly into the environment and create an aesthetic symbiosis with the nature that surrounds them.

The greatest wealth of Lonjsko polje are birds, of which there are as many as 250 species, but its most famous inhabitants are the storks, which like to nest on the roofs of picturesque wooden country houses. One of these villages, Čigoč, was declared the first European village of its kind in 1994.

The wineries of the Moslavina vineyard nurture a long tradition of growing vines in these areas, paying special attention to the autochthonous Šklet variety.

Under the slopes of the hills, visit the beautiful place of Topusko, full of greenery and beautiful parks, and you will know why the ancient Romans adored this healing spa. The thermal water in Topuski has been one of the oldest and most famous in Croatian regions since ancient times.

One of the most charming towns is in northwestern Croatia along the banks of the Drava River, which occupies a special place among the series of historical towns in Central Europe. We present to you Varaždin, a city of magical attraction, where you discover its splendor and beauty with every step. Outstanding architecture, cultural heritage, and historical sights stretch along romantic streets and squares. The cultural and historical center and the most recognizable symbol of Varaždin is the feudal fortress Old Town. It was built between the 14th and 19th centuries, and every corner of it represents a part of its rich and proud past. Natural and historical beauties seem to complement each other and make this city magical. Wherever you go, you can experience history, inspire your imagination with art, experience authentic moments of entertainment and the lifestyle of the people of Varaždin. Not far from the beautiful early baroque Varaždin Cathedral is the green heart of the city, a city park known as the Vatroslav Jagić Promenade, ideal for rest and enjoyment. It is not the main one, nor the largest, but it is the most beautiful and favorite for many – Stančić Square, named after one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, surrounded on one side by the Sermage Palace, on the other by the Watchtower and with a spectacular view of the castle and the ramparts of the Old Town, is unmissable a location for coffee with an experience.

Sit down, take a break with a coffee or a drink and enjoy a magical moment.

Touch the thumb of Grgur of Nin, one of the most impressive monuments in the city, and make a wish. They say that it fulfills wishes and brings happiness … check it out. The festival season is an ideal opportunity to get to know Varaždin in full spirit, openness, and playfulness. It lasts all year round and opens Varaždin to the world and brings the world to its streets and squares.

One day in Varaždin will be enough to make you fall in love with it.

From Varaždin, we head to the town of Varaždinske toplice, where the oldest thermal spas in Croatia are located. In addition to the spa, this beautiful town in the very center of the city is home to one of the most important continental archaeological complexes, excavations of a Roman thermal bath from the time of the Roman emperor Constantine from the 2nd century.

At the foot of Ivančica, the highest mountain in Hrvatski Zagorje, surrounded by unimaginable natural beauty, lies the magical town of Ivanec. Ivanečki kraj is recorded on all archaeological maps of the world as one of the first abodes of the human race. The earliest history of the city is related to the knightly order of the Ivanovo people, which is how the city got its name. This beautiful area is made for walks. Take a walk along the promenade “Ivanečki mlinarski put” along the Bistrica stream and visit the old mills that tell the story of the past while the good knights watch over you.

Knights lived in castles, and what Bednjanski kraj, or the municipality of Bednja is most famous for, is the magnificent Trakošćan castle. Whether you are a history buff or not, this castle leaves no one indifferent. Visitors from all over the world come to admire its beauty. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, it doesn’t matter when you visit it. This fairytale castle will delight you in every season. If you want to spend more time and enjoy this incredible idyllic beauty, take the educational Fairy Path above the lake. The educational boards located along the path will provide you with many interesting stories, and the fairies will accompany you along the way. Head to the center of the world with a fairy on your shoulder.

The legend says that Ludbreg is the center of the Earth and that by drawing circles on a geographical map, with Ludbreg as the starting point, you can see that all the big cities can be seen on all the edges of these concentric circles.

Stand in the center of the world and see for yourself the truth of the old belief that in ancient times the circles of the earth were inscribed from this very place.

After the center of the world, we take you to the center of Zagorje, to the town of Tuhelj, where the Tuhelj Spas are located, which are the center of modern wellness tourism located at the very source of thermal water and healing mud. In addition to the wealth of wellness offers of the Spa e Vita center and Svijet sauna, a visit to the magical Water Planet, the largest swimming pool in this part of Croatia, is unavoidable.

The city of Zagreb – the capital

There is a lot that the capital of Croatia can offer you, and there are many attractions and sights that will delight you. At the same time, excellent gastronomy and many events are just additional benefits that await you.

Whether summer or spring, autumn or winter – Zagreb is always beautiful! Every season has its charms, so if you come to Zagreb in the summer, be sure to visit the popular “Summer on Stross “, one of the most beautiful and romantic promenades in Zagreb.

If you come in spring, the Botanical Garden is a must-stop because it is precisely in that part of the year that this garden reaches its peak of beauty. Autumn brings the famous Rujanfest and Bundekfest to the city, and winter the magical Advent in Zagreb, which is the pride of all of Croatia, not just Zagreb.

When we leave Zagreb for the sea, we arrive to the city of Karlovac, which is located in the very heart of Croatia at the confluence of four rivers, Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica, and Dobra, at the point where the lowland and mountain parts meet.

In the green valleys of the singing rivers, below the Old Town of Dubovac, among centuries-old meadows and parks, they will tell you their story.

Alive, dynamic, cheerful, smiling, always ready for good fun and even better food. Whatever season you arrive here, you will have a memorable stay.

This is the city of parks or the city in the park, which was created as a city fortress between Korana and Kupa in the shape of a star, which is why, even today, the narrowest center of the city is called “Zvijezda”.

The city center is surrounded by deep canals into which in the past water from Kupa was released in times of danger. Today, these canals are beautiful parks that offer nature lovers the opportunity to spend hours walking in a pleasant mood.

After enjoying the natural beauty, take a break and refresh yourself in the city center.

The artistic vibe in Karlovac is what you will see as you walk through the streets. Cafes and restaurants are decorated in a special way, in the very center of the city there is the Katzler Pavilion, the smallest tourist mega-center in the world, souvenir shop, museum, gallery, vault of Karlovac culture and history, and the favorite meeting place of Karlovac residents.

Enjoy the moment and the sounds and smells of the city.

Don’t miss to visit the Dubovac castle, one of the most famous examples of feudal architecture in Croatia, located on a prehistoric hill above the Kupa river, at 185 m above sea level. This beauty on four rivers will afford you an unforgettable walk through the past.

If you want to rest, visit the Kastel bistro and enjoy the atmosphere of a medieval castle and modern gastronomy, as well as the most beautiful panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.

If you want to experience something new, sail into the past on the “Zora” grain ship with river sailors and a special animation for visitors that will take you to the time of Turkish attacks on ships or the memories of women washing clothes on the river.

Karlovac is full of surprises. Do you know that Nikola Tesla lived and studied in Karlovac? It was in the period from 1870 to 1873, in the institution known today as Gimnazija Karlovac. This is where the foundations for his technical knowledge and love of physics were laid. While walking around the city, you may meet a costumed guide dressed as Nikola Tesla, with whom you can continue walking through the streets where Nikola Tesla himself walked.

Near Karlovac is another magical destination called the area of 4 rivers.

We will present you with a piece of the beauty of this region – Slapić camp. Playground, swimming pools, restaurants, and cafes, all within a radius of 500 meters, are where you can relax and enjoy. Enjoy the rich autochthonous gastronomic offer, in a unique combination of traditional, warm ambiance and modern gastronomic approach. The rich offer of Croatian specialties, local dishes, and river fish will delight you. To make your stay as fun as possible, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, we offer you a handful of sports activities.

Rent SUP boards for rowing, boats, canoes, pedal boats, play football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, paintball, horse riding, or rent bicycles.

Visit the fairytale Bosiljevo Castle – one of the most beautiful castles in Croatia. It is in the Bosiljevo municipality, just a few minutes from the Bosiljevo junction, and is visible from the highway. If you have ever imagined a castle listening to fairy tales about knights, beautiful princesses, and dragons, your imagination has come true. This beautiful architecture seems to have been thought up by Walt Disney himself.

This entire region seems to have been created for walks and enjoying the beauty of nature…

Come and discover the hidden natural beauties and tourist attractions of Croatia!