It’s time to find out, if you already didn’t, the 4 Rivers area. Autumn is the perfect time for trips – it’s not too cold yet, and nature offers us the most beautiful palette of warm colours. Weekend trips are always a good idea. The Tourist Board of the Four Rivers area has prepared new interesting contents called “Autumn on four rivers”. In addition to the wonderful nature that will show all the splendour of colours there are various fun events that bring fragrances of honey, chestnuts and mushrooms and where associations present to visitors their own works and domestic products along with a rich entertainment program.

It will take place:

01.10. Honey Festival – Medenijada

07.10. Mushroom evening

14.10. Chestnut Festival – Kestenijada

Autumn is the ideal time for travel. That’s when the busy tourist season ends and real pleasure begins for those who like calm energy, romantic colours of autumn and dim light of autumn dusks.

From cultural offerings to evening events, every detail at that time of year creates a special atmosphere. This is when travelers and explorers can often truly feel like a local. With cooler temperatures, fresh air and beautiful sunsets, autumn is truly a period of the year that many people look forward to.

With the new season comes new fun activities, and some of them are extremely useful for your health and fitness. There are not many activities that can relax you like horseback riding in nature.

Riding and hanging out with horses at this fabulous family estate in

Gršćaki is a perfect idea for an autumn weekend trip!

Hanging out with these noble animals will brighten your day. Duga Resa and its surroundings are of unusually attractive beauty, located next to the blue-green beauty of Croatia – the Mrežnica river. This beautiful landscape offers the opportunity for a pleasant walk or bike ride along the river Mrežnica and the mountain heights of Vinica.

In addition to the wonderful natural beauty that can be explored on a bicycle, the area of the four rivers also hides a multitude of gastronomic and cultural attractions. Many delicious local dishes will spoil your taste buds, and beautiful buildings with centuries-old traditions will enchant you.

By cycling, you get to know the destination better, its natural beauty, and it’s easy to stop and take fantastic photos and immortalize the most beautiful moments of your cycling adventure.

We especially recommend you to ride a bike on the beautifully landscaped bike paths along the Mrežnica river itself. You can get a bicycle map in all catering establishments located along the Mrežnica river, as well as other information related to recreation and active vacations, and you can also contact the Tourist Board.

If you come to the chestnut festival, you will enjoy it because many agree that there is no better smell in autumn than roasted chestnuts. Autumn is ideal for nature trips and walks through the rustling leaves of warm colours.

In autumn, nature shines with a special glow and it is certainly one of the most beautiful seasons that will take your breath away with its play of colors.

In the fall, the forests are rich in mushrooms, which are the main ingredient of the various delicacies that are gladly prepared here. Gastronomy is certainly grateful for these autumn days because now it can evoke autumn days on the plate. Along the Mrežnica river itself, visit Restaurant Mreznicka kuća or Zeleni kut and enjoy the rich gastronomic offer and the beautiful nature that surrounds them.

Spend your weekend listening to birdsong and the smells of the surrounding forests, dream your dreams, enjoy the beautiful nature.

The variety of tourist and gastronomic offers and numerous events in this area will delight you.