Istria shines like a beautiful green gem in the sun.
Get to know the full splendor of the peninsula as you explore Rovinj, Labinj, Rabac, Bale, and Poreč. A string of increasingly alluring and dazzling towns can be found along the coast as if they are trying to outdo each other in hospitality and charm.

Rabac is a charming small town with a crystal clear sea and rolling green hills. On a hill above Rabac, you can find Labin, a town dating back to the Middle Ages. The salty sea breeze mixes with the fresh air of the forests, resulting in a wonderful aroma that accompanies you as you explore these two beautiful towns.

If you go further towards the coast you will discover Rovinj, a thousand-year-old city. Colorful buildings in narrow stone streets will certainly leave an impression, as will the handmade souvenirs. As you enjoy the romantic and mystical city you will find a new experience behind every corner. Rovinj is a place you will surely want to return to.

Visit the Church of St. Euphemia, climb the bell tower and relish the moment. The view from the bell tower is magnificent with the entire city and the surrounding archipelago at your disposal. The Church of St. Euphemia is one of Rovinj’s most well-known landmarks. Discover the magic of Rovinj, the city which hosted great names such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Jules Verne, James Joyce, and many others. Experience the charm of a time long gone. Rovinj awaits.

Only 13 kilometers away from Rovinj you can find Bale, a true fairy tale town. You would not believe that such a place can still exist today. In the tranquillity of the surrounding nature, you can find 390 species of butterflies. Imagine a sunny day, grasslands covered with flowers, pristine nature, and elegant butterflies flying around you, this is what awaits you in Bale. Enjoy your own fairy tale moment. If you look out to the sea you will also be able to see the Brijuni Islands.

Such an amazing experience cannot be adequately explained by words alone, you simply must experience it for yourself.
Further west up the coast you will find Poreč, surrounded by pine forests and the azure sea. You will find both blue and green lagoons, stunning beaches, excellent restaurants, and really anything your heart could desire. After your relaxation on the beach, you will want to explore the wonderful town. In the heart of Poreč, you can find the old town core, brimming with culture and history. There you can sit down and relax as you enjoy an exquisite meal or take some undeniably breathtaking photos. Poreč has managed to completely preserve the old style of Roman castrum, which used to stand where Poreč is today. The city used to be walled off for centuries, but the only evidence remaining is the two towers at the city entrance. In one of the towers, you can enjoy a cup of coffee as you take in the atmosphere, surrounded by history and an incredible view.

The Mediterranean climate, the crystal clear sea with its sandy coves and pristine forests, and the wonderful towns and cities of Istria await.

If you want to have a holiday you will always remember, come to Istria!

By: Jasna Šikić