Proudly guarding tradition, Novi Vinodol will tell you the story of the past and present of its narrow stone lanes. The tradition lives on with us, on the streets and in town squares, in museum, gallery and in magnificent buildings.
The advantages of this region have been recognized since ancient times! Therefore, no wonder that here we can find impressive castles, like a “Turnac” in the center of the town, and a castle of the noble Frankopan family, who used to rule this area for many centuries.

Town of beauty and history!
A homeland of one of Europe’s oldest legal documents, the Vinodol Code, from 1288.

A rich offer in private accommodation, guesthouses, campsites or hotels: “Lišanj” and “Novi Spa Hotels & Resort”, with Europe’s largest Spa center. Crystal clear sea with a mild Mediterranean climate, a beach to suit their needs, and specially arranged beach for pets in Uvala Mala Draga- Povile.

Choose a visit to the surrounding, walking and biking trails, ” Eyes of Vinodol”, Celestial Labyrinths, try to hunt, or dive in mysterious depths of the sea, or maybe set sail! Enjoy in numerous events that take place here during the year: “Mesopust” – cultural heritage of RH, Winter and Summer Carnival, Rose of wine, etc.
The cityscape is characterized by the typical coastal architecture in the old town. It is characterized by white facades and red roofs. They rise from the sea level to the church and the tower on the hill.