In the very east of Croatia, located on a vast plain just a few kilometers from the city of Osijek, there is a beautiful town Bilje.

Get on your bike and enjoy the bike ride from Osijek to Bilje.
Along the way you will be greeted by the chirping of birds and beautiful red poppies and the wind will bring you the scents of wheat fields.

At the very entrance of Bilje, you will be greeted by Lake Bilje, which is a real green idyll. Fishermen sitting by the lake, beautiful white swans, ducks swimming carefree, canoeists and kayakers riding and enjoying nature.

The beauty of the lake and the nature that surrounds it make a real green paradise ideal for family gatherings and swimming.

Bilje and Kopački rit
Photo: Dubravka Kovačević

Nor far from the lake there is a beautiful children’s playground that looks life it’s from a fairy tale.

Bilje and Kopački rit

That’s not all, this beautiful place located next to the Kopački rit Nature Park offers you much more. You can continue to Kopački rit with a relaxing bike ride. The fresh air, the proximity of nature, the chirping of birds and the vast plain give this adventure a special charm.

Bilje and Kopački rit

On the way to Kopački rit, make a turn to the park in front of the 18th century castle of Eugene of Savoy and feel the breeze from the past. The castle is currently awaiting renovation so it is not open for visitors, but in the future it will shine in a new light.

Bilje and Kopački rit
Photo: Mario Đurkić

If you want to stay longer at our destination, we offer different types of accommodation from holiday homes, apartments, households and family farms, and the owners will be happy to host you and show you the hidden charms of this place. Taste homemade specialties like kulen, sausages, fish stew; learn to cook meals according to our grandmothers ’recipes; pick your own breakfast or cook your first jam. Visit the catering facilities for which Bilje and the whole of Baranja are famous for and order a typical Baranja dish that you will surely enjoy.

Enjoy waking up to the chirping of birds, walks, coffee in the shade of green canopies .. In the beautiful sunsets over the wheat fields and the vast plain.

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