Lets meet the municipality of Josipdol
If you want to take a peaceful vacation in untouched nature, or just to take short break from driving on the highway passing near Josipdol, take a turn. Set aside a couple of hours or one day to meet this beautiful area.

Viničica – a hill above Josipdol is one the most significant archeological founds of Iapodian culture in Croatia. Roman sources tell of the biggest Iapodian city and their capital located there called Metulum.

Modruška gradina
Remains of Modruška gradina – a castrum (old fortified military camp), near Josipdol, is a part of Croatian history from the time of the Frankopans. Despite many centuries passed, even today from the road Josipdol – Jezerane, the remains of hard walls are still visible, deeply rooted on the top of the hill.

Josipdol in the heart of Croatia

Oštarije – a place with four bridges
The most famous bridge is the beautiful Marmonts bridge, which got its name from one of Napoleons generals Marmont. The bridge, with its oblique approaches, is 92 meters long and has 12 arched openings. Not far from this bridge, there is the Church of Our Lady of Miracles, which had its stone built into the bridge.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles
The oldest Marian sanctuary in the Gospić-Senj diocese. This magnificent three-nave gothic renaissance church is built around 1450. It is a votive church made by noblemen Krčki Frankopani, dedicated to Our Lady of Miracles.

Josipdol in the heart of Croatia

Šmit lake
Only ten minutes drive from Oštarije there is a little paradise – Šmit lake. This emerald green lake is surrounded by thick forest of beeches and firs that guard its shores.

Do you know the legend?
According to a legend about this place, long ago, a terrible dragon kidnapped a girl. She was saved by Saint George, and in Šmit lake, even today there is a stone with an imprint of a hoove from Saint Georges Horse.

Come and meet the wonders of this place…

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