Gorski Kotar – the magnificent beauty of mother nature
A beautiful area that touches the Pannonian plain on one side and the Kvarner Bay on the other. It connects green and blue Croatia. It hides so much beauty that it is sometimes impossible to describe, it simply needs to be experienced. Can you imagine enjoying the snowy slopes and skiing while having a view of the sea… Gorski Kotar is unreal beauty. Here nature has shown all its splendor. Lakes, forests, mountains, valleys, springs, castles, canyons, caves. So much beauty in one space. Whether you are passing by or coming to the mountain district at any time of the year, its beauty will amaze you. In spring, there are shades of green that overflow and blue clouds that are reflected in the lakes. In summer, its freshness pleases you and restores strength. In autumn, it is as if the trees compete in a variety of colors from yellow to all shades of red and brown… Winter is another story, when you go through here in wintertime its as if the snow queen passed before you and touched the whole nature with her wand. The whiteness of the trees that shine in the winter sun takes your breath away.

This wonderful natural treasure is available to everyone. This is simply paradise.

Gorski Kotar

Now spring is coming, nature is waking up and we are going to introduce you to Gorski Kotar.

Let’s start from the smallest and oldest municipality Brod Moravice, which is ideal for people who love walking and cycling.

It is the smallest and oldest municipality. This beautiful idyllic place ideal for everyone who loves walking and cycling is located near the border with Slovenia. From Brod Moravica there is a view of the Kupa Valley which will leave no one indifferent. Here is the oldest preserved house in Gorski Kotar – House Delač, built in 1644. Then there is the town of Čabar, the heart of the mountain district and the greenest area in Croatia since 85% of its area is greenery. The town center is dominated by the castle of Petar Zrinski from the 17th century. Discover the charms of this beautiful town. Take the fruit path of the Čabra mountains and taste the forest fruits.

Meet Delnice, the largest city in Gorski Kotar and the city at the highest altitude in Croatia.

A miracle of nature is hidden near Delnice. Located at an altitude of 842 meters above sea level, the forest park Japlenški vrh is a protected part of nature west of Delnice. Its starting point is the motel “Lovački dom”, which can be accessed from the Zagreb-Rijeka road or by stairs from the city center, since the forest park and the city are connected via King Tomislav Park. Japlenški vrh Forest Park serves as a natural extension of Delnice – the connection of protected nature with the city makes this area very attractive.

Gorski Kotar

About 20 kilometers away from Delnice is the Risnjak National Park, which is the natural border between the Croatian coastal and continental areas. Only 15 km of air distance away from the sea.

Risnjak is one of the most beautiful lookouts not only in Gorski Kotar but also in Croatia. From the rocky peak, the views are open on all sides and during favorable weather conditions, numerous peaks of the surrounding mountains can be seen.

When traveling on the highway Zagreb – Rijeka, only 30 km from the sea there is the place called Fužine. The clear waters of the beautiful lakes that adorn Fužine are rich in various types of fish and are a real paradise for fishermen. If you like westerns here you can visit the real cowboy village of City of Roswell.

The artificially built town was created for the purpose of shooting a film in 2015, and today everyone who finds themselves in Fužine likes to visit it. If you want to visit the largest cave in Gorski kotar, be sure to stop by Lokve. Lokvarka Cave is the deepest speleological object in Croatia. It will delight you with its beauty.

After Lokve, come to Mrkopalj to the highest peak of Gorski kotar, the beautiful Bljelolasica, which you will immediately fall in love with. From its top, enjoy the view of the Kvarner Bay and Gorski Kotar. If you want to explore it, one day will not be enough.

There is no end to the beauties, we take you to Ravna Gora, a place where the plain and the mountains connect. At only 5 km from Ravna Gora you must see a real historical gem, the castle Stara Sušica, in front of which you will feel as if you have stepped into a fairy tale.

And on the slopes of Skradski vrh is the town of Skrad. In the amazing and exceptional beauty of nature, which has been declared a geomorphological reserve, there is the Zeleni Vir and Vražji prolaz (eng. “Devil’s pass”) picnic area. Visit one of the most beautiful canyons in Gorski Kotar.

If you want to experience all the beauty of the mystical river Kupa, you can certainly do so in Vrbovsko. This beauty of a river flows 25 km in length through Vrbovsko. If you want to hike, be sure to visit the Kamačnik canyon.

This is only a small part of the rich offer of Gorski Kotar. All the places here seem to compete in their splendor and beauty. Gorski Kotar offers a handful of beautiful locations and natural beauties.

Come breathe in the fresh mountain air mixed with the scent of conifers.

This is it for now, next time we take you through the gastronomic offer and famous gastronomic dishes of Gorski kotar.

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