Petrač Winery in the heart of „White“ Zagorje
On the beautiful Hršak hill from where the drops of top quality wine flow, the sunlit Petrač vineyards stand proudly. It is difficult to describe the beauty of nature here. Beautiful vineyards on the hill above which the blue skies embrace gentle white clouds. The wind that brings freshness and the chirping of birds. An idyllic place to rest your soul and body. This is the legacy of the Petrač family.

Did you know?
The Petrač Winery was the first winery in Zagorje to plant a red Bordeaux grape with which it achieves considerable success at international and local competitions.

Tradition, love, effort
A modern cellar with a capacity of 200 000 liters, barrels made of Slavonian oak and ideal conditions result in some of the best wines that are the result of human effort, work and coexistence with nature and love for vineyards.

Petrač Winery

Treat yourself to a holiday in an amazing vineyard area. Enjoy a walk through the vineyards and enjoy fine wines.

Petrač Winery

When walking and tasting wines in the cellar of the Petrač Winery tire you, refresh yourself with a rich gastronomic offer. When the hills are ready to rest and when the setting sun illuminates the vineyards with golden light, you will enjoy the unforgettable harmony of the beauy of the sunset that you will remember forever.

Blogerica Zvončica