The pearl of western Syrmia
Nijemci tourist destination is located in the flat part of western Syrmia, where the vast golden plains merge with the mighty Spačva forest. This is a beautiful destination, a real pearl of western Syrmia which offers a real array of interesting activities and natural wonders. Spačva forest, which is the most valuable forest complex of lucerne oak trees in Europe, and is home to over 100 different species of birds. You can see more species of birds here in an hour than in some places in a few days.

Park Arboretum
The Arboretum Park on the banks of the Bosu river in the center of Nijemci will enchant you at first sight. This is the right place to relax, hang out and enjoy nature. Gazebos, benches, a well and pergolas make this a little paradise. The different varieties of indigenous oplants that have been planted will show all their beauty in just a few years.

Sopotac is an ideal place to escape from everyday life, located near the forest, surrounded by fields, farms and the river. Here you can barbecue, fish, watch birds. Your children will enjoy playing on the themed playground. There are also binoculars, telescopes and manuals for bird watching.

Tourist destination Nijemci

Tourist boat Sveta Katarina
The tourist boat Sveta Katarina sails on the rivers Spačva and Bosut, which flow through the largest lucerne oak forest in Europe. Magical rivers hidden in the shade of Spačva forest hide numerous protected plants and animals. A boat ride along the beautiful landscapes of the Spačva forest will provide you with an unforgettable experience. You can fully dedicate yourself to enjoying nature, and the first thing you will notice are the birds and a very large concentration of different species of birds.

Tourist destination Nijemci

If you want to be even more connected to nature, you can ride in canoes. Slightly gliding down the river you will experience something enchanting. Beautiful birds will come out of the forest and fly over you as if to welcome you. You will probably meet a magnificent red-beaked swan that will greet you with a flutter of its wings, wild ducks that will race you. It isn’t said without a reason this river is mystical.

Tourist destination Nijemci

Bike routes
Cycling is the best way to get to know this area, to enjoy riding in these populated places, forests and fields. Choose the pace yourself and enjoy Syrmia landscape. We suggest the Syrmia cycling route which connects the southern are of Vukovar – Syrmia County with the northeastern part, and connects to the exsting international Danube cycling route which is part of the Eurovelo 6 road. It passes through Nijemci from the direction of Otok-Komletinci to Tovarnik and Ilok. On the route Nijemci-Sopotac there are two rest areas for pedestrians and cyclists, where thare are a total of 6 smart benches. On the benches, visitors can relax, listen to music of their choice, charge their mobile phones, listen to the chirping of the most common bird species and read the current temperature and other weather data.

Taste the splendor of the Syrmia table
The gastronomy of this area is based on traditional local ingredients of authentic Syrmia cuisine. Delicious ham, kulen, kulen chop, sausage, „čobanac“ and „fiš“. Various types of cheese and cream are an integral part of the rich offer created according to traditional recipes. Tourist destination Nijemci offers a rich accommodation selection on farms in Robinson style. Experience the sunset over the vast plain, while the wind brings you the scents of the forests and rivers all the while birdsong accompanies you.

Blogerica Zvončica