Varaždin county is made for enjoyment
We have decided to visit this beautiful destination in springtime, my favourite season. Our starting point is the city Varaždin.

This baroque city full of history and culture, makes all the beautiful flowers in it even more unreal.

Our starting point is Varaždin, city of baroque and music. While walking to the beautiful old town district, the most famous part of Varaždin, we absorb all the sounds and the smells of the city. Green grass filled with dandelions and daisies, blue skies full of white, featherlike clouds, and the whiteness of the old town buildings with red roofs make it magically beautiful.

The legend of Ludbreg and the Center of the world
According to the legend, Ludbreg is the Center of the Earth because if you draw circles on the geographical map, with Ludbreg as the starting point, all of the major cities in the world will be on the chords of those concentric circles.

Stand in the Center of the World and find out for yourself the truth behind the old belief that in the old days it was from this spot where the parallels of the Earth were first drawn.


Ivanec – small town with rich history
If you love nature like we do, then you will visit Ivanec, a small town with rich history located at the foot of the highest mountain in Hrvatsko zagorje, around which there are unimaginable natural wonders and mountain springs. You will love all the beautiful, flower covered meadows.

The area around Ivanec is marked on all the archeological maps of the world as one of the first inhabitants of the human species. Earliest mentions of this town are linked to the knight’s order of Ivanovci, after which the town got its name.


The Lepoglava lace
Have you ever heard of the Lepoglava lace? We have but we never saw it, so that is why we are on our way to Lepoglava. We found out there is a Lepoglava lace gallery that you can visit at any time and have a look at this amazing type of lace that is on the UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The oldest thermal spa
Located among the green hills above Bednje river, there is the Varaždin spa, the oldest thermal spa center in Croatia. At the center of the spa you can find one of the most significant continental archeological finds, the remains of an old roman public bath.

If perhaps you want to see some beavers in their natural surroundings, then you should visit Ethno-house Podsečki in Bednja. In the vicinity of the house the river Bednja flows, and in one part of the river there lives a colony of beavers.

The magnificent Trakošćan castle

The one thing that Bednja municipality is known for is the magnificent Trakošćan castle. Whether you love history or not, this castle will leave noone indifferent. Visitors from all around the world come and admire its beauty. It doesn’t matter if you visit during spring, summer, autumn or winter. You will love this fairytale castle any time of the year.


If you wish to spend more time to enjoy this unbelievable and idyllic beauty take the educational trail „Put Vila“(eng. „fairy trail“) above the lake. Information panels on the trail will provide you with a lot of interesting stories. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale, and fairies will lead you along the way.

Spring is coming… go on an adventure next weekend already!

Varaždin county is waiting for you

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