If you wish to enjoy pristine natural beauty then this is the perfect destination. Here you will find Papuk, the most beautiful mountain of Slavonia. Papuk is covered with forests of Pannonian beech and fir. Numerous hiking trails will certainly delight you.

Do you enjoy hiking?
You have the option of taking a tour of the Velika fort where you will get a panoramic view of Velika and its surrounding areas. Take a stroll and relax among the numerous vineyards that cover the hills.

West Slavonia

Fine wines
Behind the wine cellars, in Brodski Stupnik there is a winery as well as the first wine hotel. Give yourself a vacation in a fine vineyard area. Enjoy walking through the vineyards while tasting premium wines.

It is difficult to accurately describe the beauty you will find here. Stunning vineyards cover the hills above which you can see the azure sky. The wind carries the fresh mountain air and birdsongs making this location a true haven where you can rest the body and soul.

If you desire exploration then you can visit Cernik, only half an hour’s drive away. There you will find remains of forts from the Middle Ages as well as a museum with an exhibition of items from the Holy Land (one of a kind in all of Europe).

If the temperatures are simply too high for you then you can freshen up and rest in the resort of Strmac, situated in a small valley next to a stream.

A true wonder of nature, a total of 23 tree species grow in this area resulting in the fresh forest air with healing properties. You can find this pristine emerald on the slopes of the Psunj mountain, approximately 500 meters above sea level.

West Slavonia

If you wish to connect with nature, or if you simply love beautiful landscapes then this is the place for you.

Visit West Slavonia, an oasis of peace and natural beauty!