What pops up first on your mind when someone says Balkans? Is it just a small place on the map for you or do you really know what it looks like?
The Balkan peninsula is a mixture of 12 different cultures, 4 religions, 13 languages, 12 countries, and 12 capitals!
With approximately 55 million inhabitants on 470,000 kilometers. 15 different but still similar kitchens, each country with the same hospitality.

We at Pointers Travel love the Balkans and the people who live here, and we would be very happy to bring you closer so you can really feel the way of living here!

While some countries are known for their vegetable dishes, most are also rich in meat specialties. You definitely won’t stay hungry on the Balkans! The best known traditional drink is rakia. There is no country that besides wine does not drink rakia!

Balkan peninsula

Everything here is magical and different from any place in the world. They put their heart and soul in everything they do, nothing is done just to be done. The culture, tradition, and customs are taken seriously and most of the people here have manners that are not usual in the rest of the world. In a positive way, of course!

The people here also considered to be very positive and musical people who most of all value family and friends. You will see the cafes on the streets full of people day and night because friends and hanging out is most important! You will be warmly welcomed once you arrive on the Balkans for sure!

They take care of each other and of their guests especially. The Balkan people want you to feel like home and visit them again. These people are known as the best hosts in the world. The further south you go, the warmer you will be greeted!

Do not hesitate to visit the Balkans, do it today, do it with us – you won’t regret it!

Have you been to the Balkan peninsula? Isn’t it something different from the rest of the world?

By: Angela Jankovska