The area in the northwestern part of Croatia is clean, hidden and untouched, located among the gentle hills that is the Pearl of Zagorje.

It includes Tuhelj, Klanjec and Veliko Trgovišće. A combination of healing water, culture and beautiful landscapes dotted with vineyards.

The first place that will greet you at the very entrance to Zagorje from the direction of Zagreb, along the banks of the river Krapina is Veliko Trgovišće, known as the birthplace of the first Croatian president – Dr. Franjo Tuđman. We recommend a tour of the Birth House of Dr. Franjo Tuđman located at the entrance to the town as well as the Memorial School of Dr. Franjo Tuđman, which is located near the Parish Church in the center of the town. Beautiful unavoidable vistas open from the hills next to the chapel of St. George and the Chapel of St. Three Kings, where the Memorial Area to the Croatian Mother is located, placed in honor of Justina Mihanović – mother of Antun Mihanović.

The area of ​​the Pearl of Zagorje is located in Zagorje, often reffered to as the fairy tale on the palm of your hand. There are many attractions in it, among which we highlight numerous castles, mansions and forts, 48 ​​bike routes… .. and numerous promenades. Choose whether you want to walk, bike or ride beautiful trails among the fairytale hills.

When you get tired of all the activities, look for rest and refreshment in Terme Tuhelj, which is a center of modern wellness tourism located at the source of thermal water and healing mud. Visit the magical water city and the largest swimming attraction in Croatia.

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To enjoy the rich gastronomic offer, visit traditional family restaurants such as Restaurant Ribič and Hotel Se – Mi in Veliko Trgovišće or Stara Vodenica in Klanjec or visit the baroque Mihanović Castle where you will feel all the charm of this region with unique dishes prepared according to traditional recipes and the best wines of local winemakers.

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In Klanjec, be sure to visit the beautiful gallery of Antun Augustinčić, one of the most important Croatian sculptors who donated his legacy to his hometown. The gallery is surrounded by a magnificent park in which sculptures have been placed that have ennobled the space and made it unreal. Do not miss to see the restored sarcophagi of the noble Erdődy family, who have left a significant mark on the appearance of today’s town of Klanjec and the wider area. See for yourself and experience the beauty and charms of nature of the entire environment that inspired Antun Mihanović to write the Croatian anthem!

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For a complete vacation, choose accommodation just for you. In the area of ​​Tuhelj, Klanjec and Veliko Trgovišće, various accommodation variants are offered, from wellness and small family hotels to private accommodation facilities.

From the most modern apartments or houses near the tourist centers, to households in a secluded location that will provide you with an escape from the city crowds and rest and relaxation in the beautiful nature of Zagorje. Tuhelj Spa is also home to the luxuriously decorated Glamping Village Terme Tuhelj, which will ensure the intimacy of your stay with a unique spa experience.


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