The plains are covered with fields of sunflowers, colza, and golden wheat. Welcome to the flatlands of Slavonia, a place where you awake to the sound of birds singing and walk the red carpet of poppies as you explore the countryside. Dazzling locations and friendly people await!
Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia. It is full of beautiful parks and a long boardwalk by the river Drava. You can also explore the historic Old Town called Tvrđa.

Osijek – Baranja county

Only ten minutes away from Osijek you will find Bilje. Bilje is well-known for its nature park Kopački rit, a phenomenon of nature and an ideal location for your holiday.

If you venture deeper into Baranja you will explore the dazzling beauty of pristine nature until you reach the town of Beli Manastir. There you will be able to enjoy the unique Land-art festival, an event where you can see various artwork made of straw. It is a truly unique combination of art and nature.

Osijek – Baranja county

If you are interested in old wine cellars then you simply must visit the Municipality of Draž which is full of wine cellars that have housed wine since ancient times.

If you take the road west you will reach Belišće, a town on the river Drava. The foundations of the city were set by the Gutmann family which built a sawmill on the shore, at the time likely the most modern and the largest sawmill in Europe. Belišće used to be a printing center.

Visit and learn all you can about the interesting history. Allow Belišće to take your breath away.

A jewel in the heart of the plains, the city which carries the title “Heart of Slavonia”, the city of Đakovo. Đakovo has the most beautiful cathedral from Venice to Istanbul. You can also visit a Lipizzaner farm, founded in 1506 and among the oldest in Europe.

Osijek – Baranja county

We have presented just a small part of Slavonia and Baranja, but you have to visit if you want to discover everything. Between three rivers, Danube, Drava, and Sava you can find oak forests, wide fields, sounds of tamburica, and friendly hosts, all awaiting your arrival.

What do you think of this destination? Come and enjoy the place where the magic never ends!

By: Jasna Šikić