Get to know one of the longest islands on the Adriatic coast and all its secrets and beauties.

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The island can be reached by ferry that docks in Brbinj or by catamarans that will disembark you in Božava or Sali, the largest place on Dugi otok.

Dugi otok is the most remote island of the Zadar archipelago. Its outside overlooks the open sea, so Dugi otok is said to be the place where the sea and the sky meet.

There is almost no traffic, except during the summer months.

However, our favorite is springtime because it is not very hot and the nature flourishes.

Did you know that there are “Days of Medicinal Herbs of Dugi Otok”

If you want to relax your body and soul, take a walk around Dugi otok full of herbs and aromatic plants. Medicinal Mediterranean herbs such as immortelle, fennel, wig, sage, St. John’s wort, dog thorn, wild carob, prickly pear, marjoram and about a hundred other species are just part of a large list used for thousands of years for health purposes, which have healing powers for body and soul.

Dugi otok

Immortelle-a flower that never withers, even when harvested.

Enjoy a real kaleidoscope of colors prepared for you by nature itself. Enjoy the scents of intoxicating Mediterranean herbs mixed with the scent of salt and sea. Is there anything more beautiful?

Feel the unique experience of the Mediterranean in the spring.

In addition to beautiful plants, Dugi otok is known for Saljsko polje – full of miraculous and immortal olives. Here you can find 700-year-old olive trees, which makes the Saljsko polje olive grove a unique ecological area. Due to the maturity and size of the trees, this olive grove has been declared a botanical reserve and protected by the category of significant landscape.

Old olive stories

Locals call this olive field an “olive forest,” and some stories claim that the ancient Greeks planted olive trees more than 2,000 years ago, when they had their settlements on the island.

The olive is a symbol of strength, miraculous and long-lived, growing on sparse soil. Pay homage to this beautiful winding, bumpy, cracked, solid and resilient tree that has stood proudly here for centuries as a companion in the life of the islanders.

Dugi otok

Throughout the centuries, the olive tree has practically ensured man’s surviva on this islandl. Whether as food, or as oil, or as medicine, olives have always been ubiquitous in this area.

Apart from food, olive oil was also used as a light source in oil lamps, a tool for lubricating tools, and ax handles and other tools and furniture were made from the hard and solid wood of the olive tree.

An olive is more than a tree that feeds people with its fruits. Because of its characteristics, it has become a symbol of peace, abundance, eternity, learning and health, and since ancient Greece it has symbolized victory.

The olive tree has always been considered a symbol of peace as evidenced and the United Nations emblem is designed to fully mark the organization as a peacekeeping mission. It shows a map of the world, surrounded by olive branches.

The olive tree is truly a special tree of stunning beauty that feeds on the sun. Meet the magnificent olive trees in Saljsko polje.

If you want an experience to remember, be sure to visit the Cave Strašna Peć (Cave of the Scary Furnace)

Stop by the Scary Furnace Cave for an unforgettable experience where you can find excitement and romance wrapped in one. The very entrance to the cave will impress you. The entrance to the cave is 7 meters high and 10 meters wide, located at an altitude of 70 meters.

The iron door at the entrance to the cave and the access staircase from the sea were set up and arranged by order of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph. He visited the cave in 1904 and remained fascinated by its beauty.

How to get to the cave?

The best way to get to the cave is to leave your car on the main road and walk towards it. Bring plenty of fluids and take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the scenery.

Dugi otok

Why the Scary Furnace?

As soon as you enter the first hall of the cave, you will find yourself struck by its beauty. Mother Nature has shown all her power and magic here. The space is formed like the vaults of a Gothic basilica, and the daylight that penetrates the cave will prepare for you a play of light and shadow that will make you feel as if you have entered an underground world. If you notice fairy dust, it means that the fairies have come out of the underworld and walked through the halls of the Scary Furnace.

The picturesque cave and its beauty will touch your soul. Prince Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson also witnessed her beauty.

After this beauty you must see the Veli Rat Lighthouse, the giant of the Adriatic

Not far from Veli Rat, on the northwestern cape of Dugi otok, surrounded by pine forests and sandy beaches, proudly stands a large lighthouse. At 42 meters high, made of carved stone, it is the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic coast. Since it dates from 1849, we are sure he could tell us many stories.

In case you didn’t know …

For long life and resistance to salt and weather, egg yolks are mixed into the facade of the thick walls of the tower. As the story dictates, 100,000 egg yolks were used to make the yellow facade of the lighthouse.

Dugi otok

Like a fairy tale

One of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Adriatic, surrounded by pine forests and sandy beaches, offers you a unique view from its tower. If you think that the fairytale view is all that the lighthouse has to offer, wait until you hear this – you can sleep in it because the lighthouse also offers accommodation. You can also visit the chapel of St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors, located in the yard. You can listen to the sound of the waves and the story that the wind hid in the pines as you slept in the lighthouse. It is an unforgettable and unique experience.

PP Telašćica

For the end of the blog, we leave you with incredible natural beauties – PP Telašćica, which you can reach with your personal car, if you need help, TZ Sali will be happy to refer you.

Embark on an adventure like us, wear good shoes because the terrain is rocky. Discover the unique Telašćica Bay, 200 m high rocks that plunge into the blue sea. Salt Lake Mir with medicinal mud and Mediterranean vegetation with over 400 plant species.

Dugi otok

There are 7 educational boards that introduce the visitor to each significant place. Given the importance of the habitat, the goal of this educational trail is to educate visitors about the natural and geological values ​​of the lake and the use of the site itself throughout history. The trail is intended for pedestrians and cyclists and is equipped with trash cans and benches. The trail is circular, 2.2 km long, and goes along the shore of the lake.

Telašćica Nature Park on Dugi otok, apart from its natural beauty, is also known as the only official refuge for abandoned donkeys on the Adriatic coast, here their only task is to enjoy the beautiful nature and entertain guests who like to take photos with them.

Dugi otok

We have introduced you to only a small part of the beauties of this beautiful island because a blog could be as long as Dugi otok. That’s why it’s best to pack your bags and head to this top destination and enjoy its natural beauty.

Come, explore, enjoy… ..

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