We are taking you to Omišalj and Njivice, attractive destinations any time of the year
Spring… mild Mediterranean climate… sunny days… we have in mind the golden island of Krk.

Pleasant, mild spring weather on Krk is perfect and occurs earlier than in the continental regions. It is the right time to actively explore the destination.

This is a unique town positioned on a cliff 85 m above sea level and the first place that will welcome you after crossing the Krk bridge.

We take you to the ancient Roman city located in the bay of Sepen.

You can reach the entrance by car and the signs along the road are well marked so you can’t go wrong.

On the right side you have a view of the sea, a view of the Bay of Rijeka with the fairytale town of Opatija, and on the left the remains of the early Christian complex Mirina, located on the outskirts of the former city.

Fulfinum Mirine
Mirine is a dialect name for ruins, Fulfinum is an ancient Roman city and that is why this whole complex is called Fulfinum Mirine. Enjoy a walk among the walls of the ancient city and feel the rays of the spring sun, while the wind whispers the story of some ancient times.


Ancient days at Fulfinum manifestation is held here every summer. We will come and let you know but now we are going to the old town and Dubec park.

Klančina Street takes us directly to the old center of this beautiful city. A narrow street that still has original tiles of rough local stone. This narrow historical street could tell us a lot. About summers and winters, about loves and serenades ……

Take a walk and feel the spirit of times past


Stone lace
Visit a Romanesque church from the 12th and the 13th century whose round window is decorated with stone lace.

Next to this beautiful church is a bell tower that once served as an observatory.

We continue further… to Dubec Park

This beautiful promenade that descends towards the sea to the port of Omišalj was built in the 1930s. Along the promenade there are several lookouts with a beautiful view of the Omišalj Bay and Kvarner.


The side paths and the stairs about 300m long give a special charm to the steep terrain.

Dubec Park is full of plants and trees, which represent the local island nature. The unique value lies in the fact that Dubec is a model example of a natural park created by the slowness and thoroughness of human work. This is the green heart of the city.

We enjoyed this beautiful walk, took pictures on the lookouts, felt the scents of nature mixed with the sea air. This is a beautiful and, I dare say, a healing walk. The locals donated their own grounds for the park, and it gave them back many times with wonderful opportunities for romantic experiences and recreation.

A natural oasis for migratory birds
We learned that there is a freshwater lake nearby where migratory birds can find shelter, rest and food for their long journey. Birdwatchers know what a paradise is hidden just a hundred meters from the road above Omišalj and Njivice on the island of Krk.


The lake is one of the most interesting ornithological areas in Southeast Europe.

If you love birdwatching this is the real paradise for you.

We came here for one day, soaked up the sun rays, felt the air with the smell of sea salt… charged our batteries for the upcoming days. We return to the golden island of Krk to Omišalj and Njivice for swimming and to get to know the beaches… We will be in touch.

Blogerica Zvončica