Spring entices us and calls us to get moving and to travel. Head to the magical Kaštela. Meet the beautiful Kaštela Bay with seven sun bathed pearls of the Mediterranean. The town of Kaštela consists of a total of seven districts that stretch between Solin and Trogir. There are at least seven reasons to visit Kaštela. Each of these places will tell you its own story.

Kaštel Lukšić is the fourth Kaštel in a row and it has the status of a center. It has been telling the story of Miljenko and Dobrila, lovers from the 17th century, for generations.

This is one of the most beautiful love stories in this area, the story of unhappy lovers who lived in the castles of Vitturi and Rušinac. The story of Kaštela’s Romeo and Juliet whose families were at feud with each other and which ended tragically.

The first Kaštel on your way from Trogir to Split is Kaštel Štafilić, where the Split airport is also located.

Here you can see one of the beautiful wonders of nature, a tree of stunning beauty, a wonderful and immortal olive tree 1500 years old. This natural monument testifies to the tradition and life of Kaštela farmers who have been cultivating olives on the slopes of the Kozjak hill since time immemorial.

Visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Stomorija and the only Biblical Garden in Croatia on the slopes of Kozjak hill in Kaštel Novi and enjoy the miraculous beauty. The lookout offers a beautiful view of the Kaštela fields and the bay.

If you are a fan of active holidays there is a marked hiking trail starting from Kaštel Stari, the oldest of the seven Kaštela, which then leads the Malačka pass where there are two mountain lodges.

From them, hiking trails lead to Kozjak and Zagora. Malačka is one of the most beautiful lookouts in Kaštela, with a view of Velo and Malo polje, Split, Trogir and the islands. This place is a natural cocktail of sea vitamins and Mediterranean vegetation. Do Not miss out on enjoying these natural beauties and fairytale views.

Kaštel Kambelovac is a place of old fishing tradition, good wine and klapa songs. Klapa Cambi is a Dalmatian klapa from Kaštel Kambelovac and it was named after the noble family Cambi and the tower of the same name in Kaštel Kambelovac.

Kaštel Gomilica with its unique fortress Kaštilac has one of the most romantic and characteristic looks in Dalmatia.

The Game of Thrones filming crew was thrilled with the beauty of this unique fort and decided to shoot some of the footage of the fourth season of this planetarily popular series here.

Even today, this fortress is one of the symbols of Dalmatia and Croatia in promotional films and photographs.

If you want the perfect selfie this is the perfect place to do it.

On the eastern slopes of Kozjak hill in Kaštel Sućurac is Kaočina grove, which is an unique example of vegetatively and floristically preserved tall maquis and home to many other autonomous species.

As you enter the grove further and further, the view will be more and more beautiful. As in the palm of your hand you will see islands and what from a distance seemed like rocks to you, will reveal itself as beautiful trees and flowers.

Hiking is the best way to get to know the beauties of nature and different places. But when you get tired of walking, refresh yourself and treat yourself at a restaurant, tavern, pizzeria or a winery of your choice.

The gastronomy of this area is based on a Mediterranean diet with lots of fish, vegetables, fruits and cakes. Good food is accompanied by good wine, try Kaštela wines served in wine bars from Scotland to Japan. Kaštelanski Crljenak is one of the best Croatian wine varieties that has reached its fame in America under the name Zinfandel. Find out why.

You can visit Kaštela throughout the year but if you come at the end of June, from 25th until 27th of June, you can visit the manifestation called Days of tradition, which is held in Kaštel Novi. During Days of tradition, you can enjoy fashion shows of traditional costumes and an eco-ethno fair of original traditional and island products. With these beautiful days of tradition begins the rich Kaštela cultural summer which lasts through July and August. Despite the limitations, good fun will not be lacking. Come, have fun, relax, Kaštela is waiting for you.

If you want to enjoy the seaside, the most beautiful and attractive beaches are on the Kaštela riviera.

We will introduce you to the beaches later and by then, best regards.

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