Let’s meet the border guards of the plain, the municipalities of Gunja and Drenovce

Located in western Syrmia on the left bank of Sava river, along the very edge on the border with Bosnia, they keep their customs and traditions. This beautiful area is called Cvelferija. The name Cvelferija comes from a military expression. At the time when Croatia was divided into regiments, and those were divided into lower company units, the area comprised of these villages was the twelfth company. From the German “zwölf” meaning twelve, this area is known since then as Cvelferija. These were the villages that were on the border with the Turks, so the local people were called Border Guards. Cvelferija wakes up with all its customs and stories, as evidenced by the manifestation SINGING CVELFERIJA, a traditional folklore- cultural event whose goal is to preserve and promote old Cvelfer dances and customs.

Gastro offer
The table of this region is as wide as are the hearts of its people. There are products ranging from cured meat delicacies, homemade eggs, cakes, honey, wine, juices, fruit brandies and liqueurs to various types of cheeses and spices.

We found out

In the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Incubator in Drenovci, it is possible to organize tastings of all products of numerous local family farms where you will be able to buy them.

“Library of the Year”

The new Municipal Public Library Drenovci is one of the few institutions in Croatia that has been built and equipped from the ground up. The Library of the Year award is certainly the largest and most significant award a library can receive.

Municipality Gunja and Drenovci

This library received that recognition in 2015.

The library fund has just over 38,000 copies, which is more than twice as much as expected by the standards for public libraries. This beautiful library is a place to meet, learn, have fun, educate. For those youngest from 3 to 6 years there is a playroom “I’m not going to school yet, but I’m going to the library” and we give all the praise for this creative idea.


115 years ago, in 1906 The Drenovac library and reading room were founded, on the foundations of which a new and modernly equipped library was built.

A story from the municipality of Gunja
Brick stadium of flooded houses

Gunja-fatefully connected with the river Sava, which in 2014. broke through the embankment and flooded. Brave people with big hearts, wide souls got a new stadium. The stadium stands proudly in all its beauty as a monument to tragedy. 12,000 bricks from the houses destroyed by the flood were built into it.

This is the most beautiful little stadium you will see — believe me.

Municipality Gunja and Drenovci
Municipality Gunja and Drenovci

What the flood has done to these dear people is so sad that when you come to this area you will want to bow to them.

The municipalities of Gunja and Drenovci may not be on your way and are not as attractive as some other destinations, but believe me you should visit them.

You need to feel the spirit and soul of the people who will receive you as if they have always known you, people who work hard in their fields, estates, people who celebrate life despite adversity.

Did you know?
The first and oldest mosque built in 1969 in Gunja has long been the only mosque in Croatia. You can learn a lot here, how everything in life is possible if you want it with your heart. This beautiful mosque can be a stimulus for all of us who visit this area, an example of how to live and improve interpersonal relationships and build community.

Discover the beauties of these places in the plains of Syrmia full of golden wheat fields and green forests. Visit Šumanovci, the Shrine of Our Lady of Šumanovci, located on the Gunja-Drenovci-Đurići border that dates back to the 14th century. The silence and peace of the oak forest, the chirping of birds, the wind in the canopy and the rays of the sun make a special atmosphere.

In 2023, the sanctuary will celebrate 650 years of existence. A hundred meters from the church there is a chapel and a well with healing water in a protected part of the oak forest.

When the weekend comes and you want to recharge your batteries and spend a nice day and meet new places, come to Gunja and Drenovci.

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