Temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius, sunny weather and the first days of the spring are a real sign that it’s time for outdoor activities.

Prepare your bikes, put on your helmet and go on for a ride. Today we are taking you to the valley called Savsko sutlanska dolina i brigi.

Trails and the nature by the vineyards are ideal for bike rides.

We present you three routes, something for everybody
Brdovec, Marija Gorica and Dubravica are included in the Tourist agency and they have the best routes.

Jedinica – 36 km long, and going east through Marija Gorica on to Zagorje. A real route for forest and adrenaline lovers. Made for those who are up for a challenge, and who like longer and more demanding routes.

Dvojka – Easy, straightgoing route that goes through Brdovec to Savski Marof and circles back through surrounding villages. It is about 15 km long and it’s a real family route. It’s ideal for people of any age and physical condition. It offers a view on the unique combination of traditional culture and natural beauty that guarantees adventure filled with positive feelings.

Trojka – East route about 28 km long and it’s a little easier to take than the first route. Ideal route for people with good physical condition. The route is not very demanding but it will be a challenge for inexperienced riders. Routes are well marked and make it easy to navigate through.

Any route you choose you will enjoy it. Either you are a professional bike rider, mountain bike rider or simply a recreational rider, riding through the vineyards and the hills will be an unforgettable experience.

Any question you have about the bike routes, you can ask the Tourist Board, they will be happy to help
While biking you get to know the place better and more profoundly, and all its natural wonders. It’s easy to stop and take amazing photos and record the most beautiful moments of your biking adventure.

Don’t loose even a moment in the urban city crowds. Your body and spirit will be grateful because you can ride a bike at any age, either you are a child, or an elderly, at any speed you wish.

If you don’t own a bike, you can rent one with us.

If you are not a bike lover, we offer you a possibility of field horse riding on the hills.

Then let Horse riding club „Trajbar“ be your starting point.

Horse riding trails are different lenghts and difficulties, depending on the riders and the affinities of the riders and the horses. You can find out more information on the routes before leaving and make sure you go on a fitting route for you and your inspiration.

Recreational riding through the nature is an unforgettable adventure. Riding experience is needed before you venture on your first field ride. At the Horse riding club „Trajbar“ you can attend a riding school that can prepare you for recreational riding.

Come and enjoy !

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