Have you already visited the Ilok wine cellars?
We are on our way to Ilok, the easternmost settlement in Croatia – the place where Croatia begins. Spring is in the air, and the vast plain is green with wheat fields. Blue skies and white clouds create an idyllic scene.

Principovac castle
Just when you thought this couldn’t be any prettier, suddenly you see the beautiful Principovac castle on a hill above the vineyards.

Felling enchanted, we take a turn and arrive to the castle by a paved trail. Everything is amazing, decorated and almost like in a fairy tale.

There is an amazing view from the terrace overlooking Ilok, Syrmia and Bačka. Trust me, you wouldn’t be ready for this view.

This is the most beautiful panorama of Syrmia and Ilok. You will remember this forever. This cannot be described in words, you have to see it for yourself.

Ilok wine cellars – cellars in which the best drops of continental Croatia mature
It’s time to get back on the road and on our way to Ilok. We are on our way to Ilok wine cellars, which offer us the possibility of taking a look at one of the oldest wineries around this area that has been continuously producing wine.

Ilok Wine Cellars

The Old cellar
The old cellar is 100 meters long and it also contains the winery archives. The cellar is built in 1450 and it is the oldest wine cellar in this part of the Europe. Once you enter it, it’s like you stepped into another world. Enormous barrels that proudly stand by the walls like guardians of the cellar will leave you in awe. During the tour you get plenty of information about the cellars and the walls will tell you stories that take you way back into the past.

There is also a restaurant where you can try the best wines of Ilok wine cellars. The summer terrace between the restaurant and the entrance to the Old cellar will create a movielike feeling. Full of impressions you can rest and refresh in the shade under the spectacular tree canopies.

Ilok traminac – a noble wine of golden yellow color is the most prized Croatian wine
Traminac out of Ilok wine cellars (11 000 bottles) was being served on the coronation, and then on the diamond anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, where the wine harvest year was 1947.

The story doesn’t end here… come… feel… finish your own story

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