Why wouldn’t you go to Vinkovci this weekend?
We spent a day in this beautiful city with over 8000 years of history in the golden Slavonia region where people with warm hearts live and we discovered some things for you.

We came by car and parked on the shore of the river called Bosut in front of Hotel Slavonija… and we were on our way.

First we were on our way by the shore of Bosut, which has been flowing quietly and unobtrusively for thousands of years, to one of the last streets where you can see traditional houses made by old families from Vinkovci. This part is called Krnjaš and the house in which Ivan Kozarac was born is located here. The house is open for visitors, but it is required to make reservations by calling 091 33 00 400.

In front of the house there is a monument dedicated to the writer Ivan and his Marija, better known as „Romeo and Juliet of Vinkovci“. Their love wasn’t possible due to their family connections. Even though in life it wasn’t allowed for them to sit on a bench together, an academic sculptor from Vinkovci made it happen.

We sat down on the bench next to the love couple and enjoyed the sun rays and the smells brought by the wind.


While enjoying the walk we slowly came back to town and walked through the promenade and the beautfiul baroque city center where the pedestrian zone is paved in the Orion motif, the oldest Indo-European calendar.

Did you know ?
Orion in the flooring of the pedestrian zone in Vinkovci is an unique presentation of historical legacy not just in Europe, but in the whole world and it is present in Europe in only one town – Vinkovci.

(the original is kept in the City Museum of Vinkovci)

Here you can find all the constellations that dominated the night skies above Vinkovci. We are standing in the place which is the natural part of the symbollic universe and the constellations around us and it is the only place like that in Europe. The feeling is undescribable.

Full of impressions we were on our way to the city park, the green oasis in the heart of the city where there are always passers-by and strollers.


After a relaxing walk through this beautfiul park we decided to visit the museum and find out more about the oldest populated city in Europe. The archeological department exists since the opening of the museum.

We want to see Marija’s ceremonial wear and two glasses and the gift that Ivan Kozarac gave to Marija for Kirbaj, all of them are being kept in the Ethnological display of the City Museum in Vinkovci.

And when you get thirsty after some walking, you can refresh yourself by trying craft beer from Vinkovci named Valens, named after one of two Roman emperors born in Vinkovci.

This town is full of stories and beauties… come and find out for yourselves
Visit some of the traditional „šokac“ places around Vinkovci where you can enjoy homemade dishes, drinks, accommodation and ambient.

Taste of tradition
The city of Vinkovci has a taste of tradition, here you can try autochthonous foods like kulen, čvarci, švargl, bakery rolls, čobanac, fiš paprikaš. Kulen is especially appreciated and the skill of making kulen is included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Croatia.


”Vinkovačke jeseni”

Every time someone mentions Vinkovci, right away everybody thinks about – „Vinkovačke jeseni“, a well known cultural manifestation during September which marks the start of autumn. This event, with its rich programme, gathers everyone who love songs and dances of Slavonia, Baranja and Syrmia.

Rimski dani
Another beautiful manifestation happens in this lovely city – it is called „Rimski dani“ (engl. Roman days), a cultural and tourist manifestation which shows you the rich history of the city on Bosut. Roman fair, treasure hunt and gladiator fights are only a part of this rich manifestation.

We will visit it and let you know how it went … you should come too.

One day wasn’t enough and we didn’t have time to visit the horse club, sports facilities, Sopot houses and plenty of more. We leave that for another time.

But you should be on your way this weekend already to golden Slavonia and Vinkovci.

Orion Korzo photography – source by TZ Vinkovci

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