Located on the fertile Podravina soil between the Hungarian border along the Drava River and the forest-covered mountains of Kalnik and Bilogora, it hides its beauties.

The center of this region is the city of Koprivnica, “the most cycling city in the world” where the first monument to cycling was erected in the very center of the city.

This area is rich in historical, cultural, economic values ​​and potentials, all in a beautiful natural environment of healthy forests, meadows and fields.

If you want to find out what life was like during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, what people were eating and drinking then, what people did for a living and how they treated their knights, lepers, witches and lunatics… don’t forget to visit the traditional Koprivnica Renaissance Festival which is held on the city walls every year at the end of the summer. Today’s artists, painters and sculptors gather in Koprivnica every year for traditional „Podravina motifs“ that pay homage to the naive, but also for traditional crafts, trades and gastronomy typical of the Podravina region. Fifty kilometers of bike trails, a free system of public bicycles and unique monuments to bicycles are the reason why Koprivnica is recognized throughout Europe as the city of bicycles.

If you come during the summer “Podravsko more” – Lake Šoderica where the water is clean and comfortable for swimming with the natural beauty of the lake and the proximity of the resort can easily replace the sea.

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

The beautiful area of “Đurđevački Pijesci” popularly called “Croatian Sahara” offers you a unique opportunity to get to know a real small desert that is recognized as a very attractive location where many videos and movies have been filmed..

The beautiful area of “Đurđevački Pijesci” popularly called “Croatian Sahara” offers you a unique opportunity to get to know a real small desert that is recognized as a very attractive location where many videos and movies have been filmed..

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

Come, enjoy, walk barefoot and indulge in the charms of the “Croatian Sahara”.

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

The 14th century Legend of the Picoki is connected with the Old town fortress in Đurđevac, which says that in the 16th century Ulama-beg decided to besiege and starve its inhabitants in order to break the resistance under the Đurđevac fortress.

Thanks to a suggestion of a cunning old woman, the captain of the city and the defenders fired a rooster – a picok, from the cannon, which is why the Ottomans concluded that there was plenty of food in the fort. That was the reason for them to stop the siege and move on, calling the inhabitants of the town Picoki, a name that the people of Đurđevac still proudly bear today.

At the end of June, the town of Đurđevac is especially revived. The legend of the Picoki is becoming a reality. The stage revival of the Legend of the Picoki is a unique stage performance and a special visual-sound experience that you should not miss if you are nearby.

The Križevci region is especially known for its vineyards and rich wine-growing areas, so it is not unusual that Križevci is the place where the Križevci-Kalnik-Orehovec Wine Road begins, created in 2013 as a result of Križevci’s long-term investment in viticulture and quality wine production.

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

If you like hiking and exploring the natural beauties, not far from Križevci, there is the mountain Kalnik, which hides an exceptional wealth of plant species. There are easier and harder paths for climbing, but the most beautiful hiking tour is the ascent to the highest peak Vranilac (643 m) from where you can look upon a fantastic view of Medvednica, Prigorje, Zagorje, Podravina, Slavonia and distant Hungary.

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

Visit the Veliki Pažut ornithological reserve near Legrad. Due to their location in the border zone, these habitats are relatively isolated, which is especially important for spring and autumn migration of birds, as well as for their wintering. In winter, wild geese stay here in higher concentrations, and some species of wetland birds find favorable conditions for nesting. For nature and bird lovers, this is a real paradise.

The Drava River is an untouched pearl of nature and its most beautiful part passes through this county and is popularly called “Croatian Amazon”. If you want to experience this beauty better, you can go rafting on the Drava River, go canoeing or take a tourist boat ride.

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

Beautiful forests, rivers, lakes, vineyards and the gentle landscape of this county are ideal for cycling. Explore and get to know the county by driving on macadam, field or forest roads. You can explore the hidden beauties and oases of this destination by bike. Prepare your two-wheeled pet and embark on an adventure.

You can choose from many bike routes. If you like history, the “baroque” plain route from Koprivnički Ivanec through Kuzminac to Legrad is for you. The Drava route will take you to the galleries, and if you drive along the Đurđevac wine road, you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Podravina.

One hundred kilometers of tourist trails for horse riding will provide you with an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to explore the hidden beauties of Podravina on horseback.

When you get hungry from all the beauty and activities, the offer of local traditional dishes of meat, river fish, dried meat products, cheeses, cakes will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

If you want to extend your stay, we offer you a large selection of accommodation from hotels, apartments, rural holiday homes and camp Cerine in Koprivnica and camp Aquaterra Lake Resort in Šoderica.

Come, taste, hike, bike… .enjoy… we are waiting for you

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