In the embrace of Drava and Bilogora
We are on our way to Zagreb, driving on the Podravska road and here we are in the embrace of Drava and Bilogora where Pitomača is located.

In the heart of this place there is a beautiful ethno-house which will make you smile. Inside there is the tourist-information center TZ Pitomača where you can get information on everything you want to know.

Right next to it is the restored baroque Church of St. Vitus built in 1783. and which was, as we find out, damaged by a fire and restored by the parishioners. Now it proudly stands and shines with its full splendor.

This place is beautiful, bathed in sun.

Village island – a true ecological paradise
Croatia is the land of thousand islands, but you probably haven’t heard of this one. It is located on Drava river and it is called Križnica. It’s the only populated river island in Croatia. It is the most picturesque and most visited place in this are, a true ecological paradise.

In this place Drava flows in many meanders in a small space, making big turns that you can’t see nowhere from Austria until you reach Drava’s river mouth to Danube.

There is a picnic area on the island – a sandy beach, beach volleyball courts, childrens playground…

There are several places with accommodation and restaurants, You can reach the island by ferry or by a 250 meters long suspended bridge.

Oasis of peace
Križnica is a true oasis of peace and habitat to many endangered and protected species of birds: wild ducks, river gulls, black coots, eurasian woodcocks, whitetail eagles,black storks, saker falcons…

The old course of the river Drava and many stagnant water bodies are a habitat to many species of fish and fishermans will love it.


Petar Preradović Museum
Only ten minutes away from Pitomača you can visit the birth house and museum of Petar Preradović in Grabrovnica where one of Croatia’s greatest writers was born. Inside there is a state of the art interpretation center where you can talk to a hologram of Petar Preradović.

Permanent display of the house consists of the entrance part (hallway), three special rooms dedicated to different themes, a basement, and the attic. Don’t miss on visiting this unusual combination of modern and traditional themes.

Take a look through the window into the past…
Interpretation center at the Petar Preradović house can be visited Tuesday to Saturday from 10pm to 5pm. You can visit the museum outside the working hours, but you have to make reservations.

Either you are in Pitomača, or passing through, we definitely recommend visiting this beautiful and educational museum. Make some time for a tour, look back into the past and be richer for one more experience.

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