Josipdol in the heart of Croatia

Lets meet the municipality of JosipdolIf you want to take a peaceful vacation in untouched nature, or just to take short break from driving on the highway passing near Josipdol, take a turn. Set aside a couple of hours or one day to meet this beautiful area. ViničicaViničica – a hill above Josipdol is one […]

Koprivnica – Križevci county

Koprivnica-Križevci county can be found in the northwest of Croatia. The center of the county is the town of Koprivnica. With a surface of 1,746 km2 it is the 17th county by size and almost a third of its area is covered with oak and beech forests. The county is the birthplace of numerous writers, […]

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

Located on the fertile Podravina soil between the Hungarian border along the Drava River and the forest-covered mountains of Kalnik and Bilogora, it hides its beauties. The center of this region is the city of Koprivnica, “the most cycling city in the world” where the first monument to cycling was erected in the very center […]

Petrač Winery

Petrač Winery in the heart of „White“ ZagorjeOn the beautiful Hršak hill from where the drops of top quality wine flow, the sunlit Petrač vineyards stand proudly. It is difficult to describe the beauty of nature here. Beautiful vineyards on the hill above which the blue skies embrace gentle white clouds. The wind that brings […]

Biser Zagorja

The area in the northwestern part of Croatia is clean, hidden and untouched, located among the gentle hills that is the Pearl of Zagorje. It includes Tuhelj, Klanjec and Veliko Trgovišće. A combination of healing water, culture and beautiful landscapes dotted with vineyards. The first place that will greet you at the very entrance to […]

Biser Zagorja

Nice weather is coming, we are drawn into nature, into the countryside and into the open spaces … If you feel the same way. Maybe you could just try spending this spring on a bike. Try it out on an unforgettable two-wheeled ride through Zagorje, which is best explored by bike. Everything is there, everything […]

Sisak-Moslavina County

Sisak-Moslavina county is situated in an area of 4468 km2, and it is the biggest county in Croatia. It takes around 7,9% of the continental part of Croatia. Where is it?It is situated in the south part of central Croatia, in an area where Pannonian and Mountainous Croatia meet. Sisak-Moslavina county represents a good traffic […]

Sisak-Moslavina County

Sisak-Moslavina County, bordered by forests and hills, is located in central Croatia south of Zagreb. The central city of this county is one of the oldest Croatian cities, the city of Sisak. On the outskirts of this city rests a dense emerald forest and in the center of the city flows the river Kupa. An […]

West Slavonia

If you wish to enjoy pristine natural beauty then this is the perfect destination. Here you will find Papuk, the most beautiful mountain of Slavonia. Papuk is covered with forests of Pannonian beech and fir. Numerous hiking trails will certainly delight you. Do you enjoy hiking?You have the option of taking a tour of the […]


In the embrace of Drava and BilogoraWe are on our way to Zagreb, driving on the Podravska road and here we are in the embrace of Drava and Bilogora where Pitomača is located. In the heart of this place there is a beautiful ethno-house which will make you smile. Inside there is the tourist-information center […]